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Janelas Digitais

The Janelas Digitais exhibition was at Coletivo Digital São Paulo (Brazil) from April to June 2017. The text below is by Thiago Esperandio, curator of Coletivo Digital. Janelas Digitais (Jandig), conceived by VJ Pixel There is much to say about the Jandig Project that brings this exhibition to Coletivo Digital. However, it’s inevitable to break any formality and start by saying it is incredibly cool. The reaction of anyone who downloads the app and sees this joyful fusion of art and technology is usually a big smile… whether it’s due to the interaction with a technology that still feels quite futuristic or the access to virtual works that bring a playful and colorful vision to the black and white markers (most likely, it’s both). After this initial moment of fun, Janelas Digitais becomes even more extraordinary when we know that the works – both virtual and tangible – are licensed under Creative Commons, allowing other creators to use them; that the app’s source code is open for anyone to explore and learn from; and that the entire project involved various artists working collaboratively. In times of technological wars, the rise of ultra-conservative thinking, a society of control, and the internet under attack from corrupt powers, it is a privilege for Coletivo Digital to host these digital windows, bringing such fraternal and inspiring landscapes to our welcoming space.

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